Site Map

Active Sites

DownloadBRAC 080Fire Burn PadFGLY-073
DownloadBRAC 094Former Building 163 USTsCCFGLY-008, FGLY-006
DownloadBRAC 112Fenced Salvage AreaFGLY-060, FGLY-005-R-01
DownloadBRAC 133Firefight Training AreaFGLY-006
DownloadBuilding 606Power PlantFGLY-017/036/042, CCFGLY-004
 Fort Greely PostwideGroundwater SamplingNA
DownloadJarvis CreekMunitions Burial AreaFGLY-004-R-01
DownloadLandfarmUnderground Storage Tank Soil Stockpile BioremediationNA
DownloadSkeet RangeSkeet RangeNA

Open Sites

DownloadBRAC 030Robin Road Fuel SpillFGLY-045
DownloadBRAC 039Building 608, Cold Regions Test Center - InstrumentationNA
DownloadBRAC 055Building 670FGLY-070
DownloadBRAC 058SM-1A Reactor Wastewater Recharge WellFGLY-018
DownloadBRAC 062Unnumbered Pesticide Storage BuildingNA
DownloadBRAC 072Building 320 - Cold Regions Test Center [CRTC]FGLY-074/099
DownloadBRAC 073Evergreen Road Fuel SpillFGLY-046
DownloadBRAC 075Former CRTC Modular BuildingCCFGLY-001
DownloadBRAC 076Building 351 Fuel SpillFGLY-099
DownloadBRAC 077Building 340 Used Oil TankFGLY-058/099
DownloadBRAC 079Fire Burn PanFGLY-080
DownloadBRAC 084Building 210 USTFGLY-034/099
DownloadBRAC 085NFirefighter Training AreaFGLY-006/026
DownloadBRAC 085SFirefighter Training AreaFGLY-006
DownloadBRAC 092Bldg 100 Drum StorageCCFGLY-008 FGLY-015
DownloadBRAC 096Building 107 - Power PlantCCFGLY-008
DownloadBRAC 097Building 106 - Warm StorageCCFGLY-008
DownloadBRAC 098Building 159CCFGLY-008 FGLY-043
DownloadBRAC 099Building 162 - StorageCCFGLY-008 FGLY-033
DownloadBRAC 100Building 160CCFGLY-008, FGLY-059
DownloadBRAC 101Building 144CCFGLY-008 FGLY-071
DownloadBRAC 111Building 663FGLY-099
DownloadBRAC 113Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants [POL] Storage AreaFGLY-056/099
DownloadBRAC 116Old Power Generation BuildingFGLY-053/099
DownloadBRAC 118Undeveloped Area Underground Storage TankFGLY-099
DownloadBRAC 121Helicopter Refueling AreaCCFGLY-008 FGLY-072
DownloadBRAC 130Building 626 Underground Storage TankFGLY-066/099
DownloadBRAC 134Building 101 TankCCFGLY-008
DownloadBuilding 110Airfield Refueling Point, Bldg 110 UST/ASTFGLY-002, CCFGLY-008
DownloadBuilding 615Directorate of Public Works (DPW) and Grounds ShopFGLY-031/099
DownloadBuilding 617POL Yard FacilityCCFGLY-002
DownloadBuilding 658Former Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) shopFGLY-040/099
DownloadBuilding 660Underground Storage Tank 447FGLY-099
DownloadMid-Post RoadMid-Post UST Site, Decommissioned Well SiteFGLY-099
DownloadMOGAS/DFA PipelineOld PostCCFGLY-008
 New Fire Training Area Historical ContaminationAirfield cantonement area.NA
DownloadNorth Delta Tank FarmNorth Delta Tank FarmFGLY-049
DownloadSM-1A ReactorDecommisioned SM-1A Nuclear ReactorFGLY-018
 SM-1A Reactor Wastewater Pipeline Dilution WellSM-1A Reactor Wastewater Pipeline Dilution WellFGLY-019
DownloadSouth Tank FarmFuel Storage FacilityNA
DownloadTar & Asphalt Disposal AreaTAADAFGLY-027

Closed Sites

DownloadBRAC 114World War II Tent SiteFGLY-005-R-01, FGLY-060
DownloadBRAC 001South Undeveloped AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 002Family HousingNA
DownloadBRAC 003Family HousingNA
DownloadBRAC 004-27Ammunition Storage PointsNA
DownloadBRAC 041Gas StationCCFGLY-006
DownloadBRAC 028Northwest Undeveloped AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 029Former Airfield Tank FarmCCFGLY-005
DownloadBRAC 031Landfill #1, SWMU-38/LoFGLY-007
DownloadBRAC 032Landfill #2, SWMU-41/LFGLY-007/008
DownloadBRAC 033Admin/Industrial AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 034Building 508NA
DownloadBRAC 035Building 601 CRTC WarehouseNA
DownloadBRAC 036Building 622NA
DownloadBRAC 037Building 603NA
DownloadBRAC 038Building 604NA
DownloadBRAC 040Storage Area Near Building 608NA
DownloadBRAC 042Building 610NA
DownloadBRAC 043Building 635NA
DownloadBRAC 044Alaska Cable OfficeNA
DownloadBRAC 046Building 601 Freight SectionNA
DownloadBRAC 048Building 626 - Waste Accumulation AreaFGLY-032
DownloadBRAC 049Transformer Storage AreaFGLY-038
DownloadBRAC 050Building 619 Fuel SpillNA
DownloadBRAC 051Building 602 Fuel SpillFGLY-035
DownloadBRAC 052Bldg 627 Drum Storage SiteFGLY-064
DownloadBRAC 053Building 650 PCB StorageNA
DownloadBRAC 054Bldg 675FGLY-075
DownloadBRAC 056Chemical Test FacilityFGLY-061
DownloadBRAC 057Building 628FGLY-039/048
DownloadBRAC 059Mid-Post Geographical AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 060Building 322 - Army National Guard Storage BuildingNA
DownloadBRAC 061Building 361 - Telephone Utility StorageNA
DownloadBRAC 063Building 348NA
DownloadBRAC 064Building 349FGLY-014
DownloadBRAC 065Building 351NA
DownloadBRAC 066Building 350CCFGLY-007
DownloadBRAC 067Building 327NA
DownloadBRAC 068Building 364NA
DownloadBRAC 069Building 339NA
DownloadBRAC 070Building 512NA
DownloadBRAC 071Building 216NA
DownloadBRAC 074Building 319 Fuel SpillNA
DownloadBRAC 078Bldg 318 Pesticide StorageFGLY-052
DownloadBRAC 081Northeast Undeveloped AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 082Air Curtain IncineratorFGLY-025
DownloadBRAC 083Building 400 - LodgeNA
DownloadBRAC 086Aeration Pad NorthNA
DownloadBRAC 087Aeration Pad SouthFGLY-063
DownloadBRAC 088Landfills #4 and #5, SWMU-39/42FGLY-010/011
DownloadBRAC 089Refuse Burn PitFGLY-076
DownloadBRAC 090Nuclear Wastewater Pipeline - EastFGLY-019
DownloadBRAC 091Old Post AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 093Building 140CCFGLY-008
DownloadBRAC 095Building 161CCFGLY-008
DownloadBRAC 102Evergreen Road POL YardFGLY-047
DownloadBRAC 103Building 157 - LaundryFGLY-050
DownloadBRAC 111Building 663FGLY-099
DownloadBRAC 115Bldg 601 Dump SiteFGLY-005
DownloadBRAC 117Drum Storage AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 119Alyeska Fuel Spill AreaFGLY-062
DownloadBRAC 120Bldg 606 Wash RackNA
DownloadBRAC 131Field Between Building 617 POL Facility and Building 615CCFGLY-002 FGLY-018
DownloadBRAC 132Nuclear Wastewater PipelineFGLY-019
DownloadBRAC 135Building 612 Dry WellFGLY-030
DownloadBuilding 133UST 410NA
DownloadBuilding 319UST 421NA
DownloadBuilding 328UST 424NA
DownloadBuilding 501USTs and UICsFGLY-016
DownloadBuilding 601Drums of 2, 4, 5-TFGLY-004
DownloadBuilding 605Cold Regions Testing Center shopNA
DownloadDrum Cache 2002CWM Drum SiteNA
DownloadLandfill No. 3SWMU No. 40FGLY-003-R-01 FGLY-009
DownloadLandfill No. 6SWMU No. 43FGLY-012
DownloadLandfill No. 7SWMU No. 13, SWMU No. 37FGLY-022
DownloadLandfill No. 8SWMU No. 8, 10, 11, 12FGLY-023
DownloadRifle Range No. 1Rifle RangeFGLY-001-R-01
DownloadSludge Drying BedsSWMU No. 20FGLY-024
DownloadStation 20+70Station 20+70 - Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants [POL] SiteFGLY-019
DownloadStation 21+25Station 21+25 - Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants [POL] SiteFGLY-019
DownloadStation 24+00Station 24+00 - Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants [POL] SiteFGLY-019
DownloadStation 9+50Station 9+50 - Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants [POL] SiteFGLY-019