Site Map

Active Sites

DownloadBRAC 080Fire Burn PadFGLY-073
DownloadBRAC 094Former Building 163 USTsCCFGLY-008, FGLY-006
DownloadBRAC 112Fenced Salvage AreaFGLY-060, FGLY-005-R-01
DownloadBRAC 133Firefight Training AreaFGLY-006
DownloadBuilding 606Power PlantFGLY-017/036/042, CCFGLY-004
 Fort Greely PostwideGroundwater SamplingNA
DownloadJarvis CreekMunitions Burial AreaFGLY-004-R-01
DownloadLandfarmUnderground Storage Tank Soil Stockpile BioremediationNA
DownloadSkeet RangeSkeet RangeNA

Open Sites

DownloadBRAC 030Robin Road Fuel SpillFGLY-045
DownloadBRAC 039Building 608, Cold Regions Test Center - InstrumentationNA
DownloadBRAC 055Building 670FGLY-070
DownloadBRAC 058SM-1A Reactor Wastewater Recharge WellFGLY-018
DownloadBRAC 062Unnumbered Pesticide Storage BuildingNA
DownloadBRAC 072Building 320 - Cold Regions Test Center [CRTC]FGLY-074/099
DownloadBRAC 073Evergreen Road Fuel SpillFGLY-046
DownloadBRAC 075Former CRTC Modular BuildingCCFGLY-001
DownloadBRAC 076Building 351 Fuel SpillFGLY-099
DownloadBRAC 077Building 340 Used Oil TankFGLY-058/099
DownloadBRAC 079Fire Burn PanFGLY-080
DownloadBRAC 084Building 210 USTFGLY-034/099
DownloadBRAC 085NFirefighter Training AreaFGLY-006/026
DownloadBRAC 085SFirefighter Training AreaFGLY-006
DownloadBRAC 092Bldg 100 Drum StorageCCFGLY-008 FGLY-015
DownloadBRAC 096Building 107 - Power PlantCCFGLY-008
DownloadBRAC 097Building 106 - Warm StorageCCFGLY-008
DownloadBRAC 098Building 159CCFGLY-008 FGLY-043
DownloadBRAC 099Building 162 - StorageCCFGLY-008 FGLY-033
DownloadBRAC 100Building 160CCFGLY-008, FGLY-059
DownloadBRAC 101Building 144CCFGLY-008 FGLY-071
DownloadBRAC 113Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants [POL] Storage AreaFGLY-056/099
DownloadBRAC 116Old Power Generation BuildingFGLY-053/099
DownloadBRAC 118Undeveloped Area Underground Storage TankFGLY-099
DownloadBRAC 121Helicopter Refueling AreaCCFGLY-008 FGLY-072
DownloadBRAC 130Building 626 Underground Storage TankFGLY-066/099
DownloadBRAC 134Building 101 TankCCFGLY-008
DownloadBuilding 110Airfield Refueling Point, Bldg 110 UST/ASTFGLY-002, CCFGLY-008
DownloadBuilding 615Directorate of Public Works (DPW) and Grounds ShopFGLY-031/099
DownloadBuilding 617POL Yard FacilityCCFGLY-002
DownloadBuilding 658Former Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) shopFGLY-040/099
DownloadBuilding 660Underground Storage Tank 447FGLY-099
DownloadMid-Post RoadMid-Post UST Site, Decommissioned Well SiteFGLY-099
DownloadMOGAS/DFA PipelineOld PostCCFGLY-008
 New Fire Training Area Historical ContaminationAirfield cantonement area.NA
DownloadNorth Delta Tank FarmNorth Delta Tank FarmFGLY-049
DownloadSM-1A ReactorDecommisioned SM-1A Nuclear ReactorFGLY-018
 SM-1A Reactor Wastewater Pipeline Dilution WellSM-1A Reactor Wastewater Pipeline Dilution WellFGLY-019
DownloadSouth Tank FarmFuel Storage FacilityNA
DownloadTar & Asphalt Disposal AreaTAADAFGLY-027

Closed Sites

DownloadBRAC 001South Undeveloped AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 002Family HousingNA
DownloadBRAC 003Family HousingNA
DownloadBRAC 004-27Ammunition Storage PointsNA
DownloadBRAC 028Northwest Undeveloped AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 029Former Airfield Tank FarmCCFGLY-005
DownloadBRAC 031Landfill #1, SWMU-38/LoFGLY-007
DownloadBRAC 032Landfill #2, SWMU-41/LFGLY-007/008
DownloadBRAC 033Admin/Industrial AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 034Building 508NA
DownloadBRAC 035Building 601 CRTC WarehouseNA
DownloadBRAC 036Building 622NA
DownloadBRAC 037Building 603NA
DownloadBRAC 038Building 604NA
DownloadBRAC 040Storage Area Near Building 608NA
DownloadBRAC 041Gas StationCCFGLY-006
DownloadBRAC 043Building 635NA
DownloadBRAC 044Alaska Cable OfficeNA
DownloadBRAC 046Building 601 Freight SectionNA
DownloadBRAC 048Building 626 - Waste Accumulation AreaFGLY-032
DownloadBRAC 049Transformer Storage AreaFGLY-038
DownloadBRAC 050Building 619 Fuel SpillNA
DownloadBRAC 051Building 602 Fuel SpillFGLY-035
DownloadBRAC 052Bldg 627 Drum Storage SiteFGLY-064
DownloadBRAC 053Building 650 PCB StorageNA
DownloadBRAC 054Bldg 675FGLY-075
DownloadBRAC 056Chemical Test FacilityFGLY-061
DownloadBRAC 057Building 628FGLY-039/048
DownloadBRAC 059Mid-Post Geographical AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 060Building 322 - Army National Guard Storage BuildingNA
DownloadBRAC 061Building 361 - Telephone Utility StorageNA
DownloadBRAC 063Building 348NA
DownloadBRAC 064Building 349FGLY-014
DownloadBRAC 065Building 351NA
DownloadBRAC 066Building 350CCFGLY-007
DownloadBRAC 067Building 327NA
DownloadBRAC 068Building 364NA
DownloadBRAC 069Building 339NA
DownloadBRAC 070Building 512NA
DownloadBRAC 071Building 216NA
DownloadBRAC 074Building 319 Fuel SpillNA
DownloadBRAC 078Bldg 318 Pesticide StorageFGLY-052
DownloadBRAC 081Northeast Undeveloped AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 082Air Curtain IncineratorFGLY-025
DownloadBRAC 083Building 400 - LodgeNA
DownloadBRAC 086Aeration Pad NorthNA
DownloadBRAC 087Aeration Pad SouthFGLY-063
DownloadBRAC 088Landfills #4 and #5, SWMU-39/42FGLY-010/011
DownloadBRAC 089Refuse Burn PitFGLY-076
DownloadBRAC 090Nuclear Wastewater Pipeline - EastFGLY-019
DownloadBRAC 091Old Post AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 093Building 140CCFGLY-008
DownloadBRAC 095Building 161CCFGLY-008
DownloadBRAC 102Evergreen Road POL YardFGLY-047
DownloadBRAC 103Building 157 - LaundryFGLY-050
DownloadBRAC 111Building 663FGLY-099
DownloadBRAC 114World War II Tent SiteFGLY-005-R-01, FGLY-060
DownloadBRAC 117Drum Storage AreaNA
DownloadBRAC 119Alyeska Fuel Spill AreaFGLY-062
DownloadBRAC 120Bldg 606 Wash RackNA
DownloadBRAC 131Field Between Building 617 POL Facility and Building 615CCFGLY-002 FGLY-018
DownloadBRAC 132Nuclear Wastewater PipelineFGLY-019
DownloadBRAC 135Building 612 Dry WellFGLY-030
DownloadBuilding 133UST 410NA
DownloadBuilding 319UST 421NA
DownloadBuilding 328UST 424NA
DownloadBuilding 501USTs and UICsFGLY-016
DownloadBuilding 601Drums of 2, 4, 5-TFGLY-004
DownloadBuilding 605Cold Regions Testing Center shopNA
DownloadDrum Cache 2002CWM Drum SiteNA
DownloadLandfill No. 3SWMU No. 40FGLY-003-R-01 FGLY-009
DownloadLandfill No. 6SWMU No. 43FGLY-012
DownloadLandfill No. 7SWMU No. 13, SWMU No. 37FGLY-022
DownloadLandfill No. 8SWMU No. 8, 10, 11, 12FGLY-023
DownloadRifle Range No. 1Rifle RangeFGLY-001-R-01
DownloadSludge Drying BedsSWMU No. 20FGLY-024
DownloadStation 20+70Station 20+70 - Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants [POL] SiteFGLY-019
DownloadStation 21+25Station 21+25 - Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants [POL] SiteFGLY-019
DownloadStation 24+00Station 24+00 - Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants [POL] SiteFGLY-019
DownloadStation 9+50Station 9+50 - Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants [POL] SiteFGLY-019